350 computer to plate units sold!
We specialize in CTP equipment -- click here, for our list of available equipment.
Price drops on 10 + CTP Units --
Screen and Fuji -- 4 up and 8 up!
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Agfa Palladios - mfg. by Screen!
Photopolymer or chem-free violet plate CTP -- variety of units all under $25,000. reconditioned and warranted! Click here for more information.
to restore to a good condition
At BWI each piece of equipment is fully reconditioned before shipment!
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BWI is a seller of computer to plate (CTP) platesetters and imagesetters (CTF).

We specialize in taking used CTP units and reconditioning them for resale with a warranty.
Thermal and violet CTP units available from all major manufacturers! Click on CTP above.

Reconditioned, and warranted with "free" after sale telephone support.